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IRS Address Change

Did you recently move and need to update your address for yourself or your business, you need file form 8822 or 8822-B.


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Washington & Oregon State Resources

Washington Department of Revenue

Department that handles business licenses and excise tax reporting for businesses, along with much more.

Working Families Tax Credit-WA

2023 WA state has a family working credit for Washington workers. Your can apply for this credit year round along with your tax return or with a copy of your already filed tax return. Read more about this new credit!

Washington Labor & Industries

A great source for business owners, new business owners looking for step by step guide on how to register a WA business, register as a contractor. Employee resources about your rights and reporting.

Washington Paid Family Medical Leave

Employee and employer resources about annual updates for rates on payroll deductions. Employee applying for paid medical leave can start here.

Washington Cares Fund

This new fund will begin to collect employee contributions July 2023. This is a good resource to learn more about how this fund works, who is eligible to apply and more details.

Washington L&I Verify a Contractor

If you're hiring a contractor and want to make sure that they're registered with the state, have an active license, this is where you want to start your search.

Washington Employment Security Department

Need to apply for unemployment in WA state? This is where you need to go to set up your account and be guided on the steps to take.

Washington Minimum Wage

Read up on this years changes, who is exempt from overtime and new protections for Lyft and Uber drivers.

Oregon Department of Revenue

If you file an Oregon return, this page will allow you to make payments, file forms, or get more information on where your refund is and income tax calculator.

Oregon Property Services/ Janitorial Labor Contractors

Any person or entity that recruits, solicits, supplies or employs workers for janitorial services must have a valid Property Services Contractor License. Get more information on how to apply, and handbooks in English and Spanish available to all.


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